Gamifying the Construction Process with Mary and Jason Sturgeon

February 22, 2022

Construction is a stubborn field. People are content to maintain tradition, rarely questioning decades-old processes despite the possibility of greater success with new ideas. Unfortunately, this rigidity excludes many potential change agents from sharing their unique perspectives. If we can embrace diversity in thought and personnel, our industry will flourish in ways it never has.

Our guests, Mary and Jason Sturgeon of Arcade Wayfinding, are dedicated to improving the habits and workflow of construction workers. They both started in construction by working on the same summer roofing crew. Once the season was over, Mary switched to construction accounting, and Jason became a project manager. After moving to Seattle with their young family, they gained more experience before starting Arcade Wayfinding. Now, they train construction professionals for a brighter future, empowering them for success in their roles and lives.

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