Gary Fleisher – Opportunities in Off-site Construction

November 16, 2021

As material and worker shortages continue, the construction industry has a secret weapon. Off-site construction, making modular buildings in a factory. Projects are flexible and much safer to build off-site. With modular components, a building can be transported and assembled rapidly, without the need for highly skilled workers. Modular buildings are ubiquitous and will only improve as automated manufacturing does.

Our guest is Gary Fleisher, the Modcoach and mind behind Gary has been in the modular home industry for decades and amassed a wealth of knowledge. As the industry continues to grow, he believes that modular home building is here to stay. Gary is the go-to guy for anything in modular or off-site construction, and he’s been writing the leading industry blog for 15 years.

Email Gary at or visit his website at

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