George Smart – Perserving Modernist Architecture

January 18, 2022

Modernist architecture snuck into the public view with homes, commercial buildings, and museums, the most famous of all being Fallingwater. Although many people may struggle to identify examples of Modernism in their area, many know Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, the Louvre, and the Guggenheim. We owe several of today’s residential conventions to Modernist thought, like the open floor plan and focus on light and fresh air. Despite this widespread adoption, Modernism continues to be the exception to the rule.

Our guest George Smart discovered Modernist architecture when looking for a new home. A local example of Modernist architecture was torn down, spurring him to catalog the remaining homes nearby. This effort grew into the website NCModernist and eventually into USModernist and USModernist Radio. Now in the eighth year of his radio show, George has helped design and build his own home in a Modernist style. Appreciating architecture has become a big part of George’s life. He is happy to share this love with a dedicated community, traveling the country and the world to witness the best examples of Modernist design.

Visit USModernist, NCModernist, or listen in to USModernist Radio. You can find George’s contact information on either website or reach out to him on LinkedIn.

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