How to Build Better Homes with Emily Mottram

October 19, 2022

Emily Mottram has made it her goal to educate Maine homeowners on the potential for healthier, tighter, more efficient homes. Through her architecture practice and recently released book, Pretty Good HouseEmily shares her expertise, aiming to level the playing field between homeowners and trade professionals.

Building better homes helps everyone. It improves each homeowner’s quality of life, puts less strain on the environment, and minimizes callbacks for contractors. In this interview, Emily shares spots for improvement, like affordable housing, oversized and chemically saturated lawns, and the importance of HVAC.

For more tips on building science and better homes, Emily Mottram is available through her website,; find her on the E3 Podcast and B.S. and Beer Show, or message her on LinkedIn or Instagram.

You can also reach out to Isaiah Industries through Facebook or email.

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