How to Build Environmentally Friendly Homes that will Stick A(round) with Steve Linton

July 20, 2022

Climate change is at our doorstep, and it cannot be ignored. As natural disasters increase in frequency and temperatures climb, this global issue affects all industries, but the construction industry especially. People are more conscious of their homes and want them to last for future generations. The homes we’ve been building won’t stand up against what’s to come.

President of Deltec Homes, Steve Linton joins us today to discuss how Deltec is building environmentally friendly homes resistant to today’s rapidly changing weather patterns. Deltec is passionate about creating innovative technology while protecting people and the planet.

These homes are not only resilient and fortified, but feature a unique round design. A Deltec home is tough like a bunker but comfortable like a modern nest. They create 80% less waste during the building process too!

Listen in for an enlightening conversation on the future of building environmentally friendly homes.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Deltec builds environmentally friendly homes
  • Innovation in sustainable building
  • How Deltec is changing the way the world builds
  • Are people interested in fortified homes?
  • Importance of resilience
  • What makes Deltec special
  • Deltec corporate culture
  • The process of building a Deltec home
  • Advancements in building and construction
  • Advice for people getting started in the sustainable home industry

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