How to Find the Best Employees with Sam Beiler

July 27, 2022

“Some of your best employees are already working. The big question for companies is how do we get in front of those people?” – Sam Beiler

We are going through a major shift in supply and demand for labor. Employers across industries are having difficulties acquiring and retaining good employees. However, the show must go on, so how do we solve this issue and create opportunities for businesses and potential employees?

There are plenty of creative and intelligent people paving the way to connect the right employees with the right businesses. By changing the approach to hiring, businesses can acquire the right talent in times where no one is out searching for jobs.

Today’s guest aims to solve this problem with Boostpoint, a social media ad creation platform for recruiters, contractors, and other small businesses. Sam Beiler, CEO, and co-founder of Boostpoint, joins us to discuss the shifting employment market and steps you can take as an employer to attract and retain top talent.

Tune in for a timely discussion to shift your perspective and hear some useful tips!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Sam started with social media advertising
  • How Sam founded Boostpoint
  • Boostpoint’s effort in solving the skilled labor shortage
  • The recent supply and demand changes
  • Best way to gain perspective employees
  • How Boostpoint helps with talent acquisition
  • Why it’s challenging to find key employees
  • Which employers are successful in gaining good workers
  • Mindset change to proactive seeking and outreach strategy
  • Best practices to crafting an ad and which platforms work the best
  • A small business’s journey with Boostpoint
  • Sam’s advice for young people on entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Books and podcasts that have inspired Sam
  • Relationships that have helped Sam on his entrepreneurial journey

Visit Boostpoint’s website to learn more about their services. If you’re interested in connecting with Sam directly, head to LinkedIn.

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