Improving the Construction Experience for All with Rico León

March 15, 2023

If we could change homeowner’s mindsets on how to be with contractors and contractors how to be with homeowners, everything would move smoothly. Especially if I could educate homeowners and contractors to improve their processes, that’s the big impact I would like.”

-Rico León, Host of HGTV’s Rico to the Rescue.

While every contractor deals with difficult clients, few develop systems of doing business to protect all parties, ensuring a successful project. Fewer still spread their ideas to help the entire industry. And very few make it their career.

Rico León, host of HGTV’s Rico to the Rescue, has made it his life’s work to bridge the gap between disappointed homeowners and maligned contractors, all spurred by a negative experience earlier in his family’s life. Now, he advocates for both sides, running a construction and real estate consulting business while hosting his new TV show.

Listen in as Rico shares his passion for bringing peace to troubled homeowner-contractor relationships, his goals for the industry’s future, and tips on how contractors and homeowners can be informed and prepared before starting a home improvement project.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • The upcoming Metal Roofing Summit
  • Rico’s background in construction
  • Developing systems and processes to protect homeowners and contractors
  • Looking beyond the sale for a better construction experience
  • Checking all the boxes for a smooth installation
  • Widespread miscommunication and money management
  • Rico’s real estate ventures
  • Serving as the first Latino HGTV host
  • Choose your clients wisely
  • Bridging the gap between contractor and client
  • Anger as the fuel for change
  • Rapid-fire questions

For real estate or construction consulting, real estate development, construction, roofing, and media production, visit Rico’s site, Catch episodes of Rico to the Rescue on HGTV, too.

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