Insulation for a Better Tomorrow with Andrew Legge

June 14, 2023

Wool is just an awesome fiber, and we’re proud to work with it here in our facility, and we’re even more proud when we get it out to people and let them experience it. It’s rewarding to help people understand there are better ways to do things. And, you know, the built environment is changing rapidly, and that’s a motivating factor for us on top of the products that we make.”

Andrew Legge, Founder & Managing Partner at Havelock Wool

While the building industry constantly experiences change and innovation, most of these solutions leverage cutting-edge technology. Havelock Wool diverged from the norm with their wool insulation, using a centuries-old product to bring superior performance to homeowners globally.

Andrew Legge shares insight into the science behind wool insulation, its many benefits, and the ultimate goal of Havelock Wool. Tune in for a discussion on wool vs. typical materials, the challenges of a direct-to-consumer business, and breaking into an established market.

Can a natural fiber like wool really compete with synthetic fiber? Find out in this episode highlighting another disruptive product.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • A brief history of wool insulation
  • Why did Andrew start Havelock Wool?
  • What’s unique about wool that makes it great insulation?
  • The signature benefits of wool fiber
  • Wool and indoor air quality
  • Challenges as a direct-to-consumer product
  • Wool insulation and chemical sensitivities
  • Batt vs. blown wool
  • Growing customer awareness
  • Being in business to make an impact
  • How many sheep supply insulation worldwide?
  • Sustainability is the future, and wool plays a part
  • Rapid fire questions

To learn more about the incredible properties of wool insulation and find out if it’s right for your project, visit

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