Jeff Chatterton – Empathy in Times of Crisis

December 7, 2021

When a problem arises, our first response is often defensive. We lash out, ignoring the other party’s feelings and exacerbating the situation. When a corporation encounters a public problem, a product recall, major complaint, or HR disaster, they can’t afford to be defensive. Crisis communicators step into these messy situations, coaching CEOs, preparing statements, and ensuring that everyone gets their say. Especially in today’s world, where news spreads as fast as a tweet and negative public opinion can bury a company in a day, the correct response is everything.

Our guest Jeff Chatterton, Crisis Communication Expert at Checkmate Public Affairs, has twenty years of crisis management under his belt. Co-author of the bestselling book, Leaders Under Fire, Jeff specializes in helping leaders and organizations prepare for and deal with emergencies and bad publicity. Crafting the appropriate response to conflict often takes an outside perspective. Besides crisis communication, Checkmate provides 24/7 support to their clients if a crisis ever happens.

Book a 30-minute appointment with Jeff at, visit his website, or grab a copy of his book, Leaders Under Fire (pay just the cost of shipping).

Episodes are sponsored and produced by Isaiah industries, a manufacturer of specialty metal roofing systems and other building materials.

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