Kevin McKenzie – A.I. and the Future of Home Improvement Marketing

January 11, 2022

Traditional marketing praises door-to-door sales, traditional advertising channels like radio and flyers, and a high quantity of leads. Modern marketing leverages social media, search engines, and customer data to find the best leads, advertise at the right time, and tailor copy for any audience. The real hero of modern marketing is data collected from user actions and curated for the algorithm. We have more information than ever from potential customers but sifting through it is tedious. With the advent of A.I for business, we can discover surprising connections, generate ads, and serve them precisely at the optimal time.

Our guest Kevin McKenzie is co-owner of Built Right Digital, a digital marketing company tailored for the home improvement industry. Kevin is a man of many talents with a master’s degree in Statistics, a stint as a college instructor, experience as a vinyl siding installer, and a certified Google Partner. He leverages these varied skills to provide marketing purpose-built for home improvement professionals. This exclusive focus on home improvement makes Built Right Digital a premier marketing agency for your home improvement business.

Visit or reach out to Kevin on LinkedIn to take your home improvement marketing to the next level.

Episodes are sponsored and produced by Isaiah industries, a manufacturer of specialty metal roofing systems and other building materials.

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