Kiki Redhead – The Power of Color

November 30, 2021

Color is a choice more complex than hue, as Kiki Redhead and Sherwin Williams know well. Different colors have different meanings, evoke individual emotions, affect perceptions, and even affect a product’s longevity. Colors follow a process from analysts to designers, to chemists to companies, out to salespeople and customers. A color choice says something about you, making a statement, and even a muted color still speaks. Trends in culture, news, politics, and the natural environment all affect color. Shifts come and go with bright colors and neutral tones, each playing their part. Kiki and Sherwin aim to bring the right colors to their customers for the right reasons.

Our guest is Kiki Redhead, Global CMF & Trend Manager at Sherwin Williams Industrial & Performance Coatings. After earning a master’s degree in Trend Forecasting, Kiki became an expert in color trends across industries. Specializing in industrial design, she designs colors for longevity and performance as well as beauty and style. Using her knowledge of trends, Kiki works with a team to create color forecasts for the years and decades to come, shaping the designs of tomorrow.

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