Lindsey Ray – The Future of Flexible Office Build-Outs

November 9, 2021

The office space has changed heavily in the last two years, with many companies switching to remote work, some coming back to the office, and some doing a little of both. Through this transition, many offices have downsized, relocated, and readjusted their priorities. As a result, they need flexible space to facilitate the newly flexible forms of work. Falkbuilt’s modular building system uses interchangeable components, allowing spaces to be rearranged and moved to a new building at will.

Our guest is Lindsey Ray, Vice President of Interior Construction at Falkbuilt Ltd., a manufacturer and partner with contractors, architects, and consumers. Lindsey has worked in interior design since 2009, teaching it at Kent State during the 2014-15 school year. Before joining Falkbuilt, Lindsey worked on designing headquarters for large corporations. Now she uses her experience to further innovative solutions for interior design.

Find Lindsey on LinkedIn and check out Falkbuilt at their website

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