Matt Thornhill – Building Community Focused Housing

December 28, 2021

As the American population ages, creating housing to satisfy their needs is a growing issue. With a predicted increase of 8-10 million Baby Boomers moving into senior-supported living in the next decade, demand is about to skyrocket. Faced with this dilemma, we need a creative solution. The current housing market, the high price of care, and the lack of supportive communities contribute to the difficulty. However, a living community combining like-minded individuals in comfortable homes shows promise. As new ideas come to light, a serious solution is necessary for the future of our aging population.

Our guest Matt Thornhill spent the first part of his career in marketing and advertising when he noticed a disturbing trend. In both advertising and marketing, significant effort went into targeting consumers 18-49, but after 50, all effort dropped sharply. Bewildered by this way of thinking, Matt started researching this demographic, determined to find a way to reach such a large and growing section of the population. After discovering that aging adults suffered from a lack of affordable, community-focused housing, Matt found his calling. He developed the Cozy Home concept and is in pre-development currently.

Reach out to Matt on LinkedIn or check out Openly Gray and Cozy Home Community to find out more.

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