Providing Value and Improving your Mindset with Tim Seims

July 13, 2022

“Open doors and make connections” – Tim Seims

Our guest today is highly knowledgeable and passionate about construction and building. He is here today to shed some light on the current trends in the building world. Tim Seims has his hands in all facets of building and construction, from building products, manufacturers, to even co-hosting a popular building podcast “Building Perspectives”. He has made a name for himself as a consultant which is why we are so excited to have him on our podcast to give us an in depth look into some interesting topics in construction and the future of the business.

We get to the root of the building and construction business, such as the empathy required in this field as well as putting major importance to bringing value to clients and how important mindset is in this industry. Also, climate change is a major topic that should be touched on in any industry, especially in construction. We go over Tim’s thoughts on the matter and what we can do to bring down the carbon footprint.

This industry has a low barrier to entry, so Tim gives young newcomers in the business some sage advice on how to get started and what they have to look forward to. As well as advice for businesses on how to attract young people with new technologies such as the blockchain, augmented reality, and the metaverse.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation with a building industry extraordinaire!

Topics discussed in this episode:

·     How Tim started in construction

·     Tim’s goals with his podcast

·     Tactical empathy

·     How Tim brings value to clients and the industry

·     The importance of mindset

·     How to get into the building business

·     How climate change is affecting the construction industry

·     Resilient builds

·     Mass timber

·     Advice for newcomers to construction

·     Tim’s view on the future of construction

Connect with Tim Seims through LinkedIn or give him a call or text at (425) 492-0973. Also, listen to Tim on the Building Perspectives podcast on Apple Podcasts!

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