Revitalizing Homeowner and Contractor Communication with Ron Nussbaum

November 9, 2022

“I’ve been in sales, leadership, and management. I ran a crew and was a laborer on a job site before. Over the last 12 years, I’ve experienced everything in residential construction. There’s a lack of transparency and communication breakdowns we could all avoid if we had the right systems in place and people were on the same page.”

–    Ron Nussbaum, Co-Founder/CEO of Nuttnest


Communication makes life tick. We clear things up, set expectations, misunderstand each other, cause problems, waste time, and make life-changing decisions.

Like any other avenue, construction and remodeling rely on clear communication between both parties. The homeowner wants dates, times, and reassurance, while the contractor needs a way to show their vision, schedule work, and provide updates.

The current solution is a fragmented mess of social media, phone calls, and text messages that often miss the mark.

Nuttnest proposes a hub for effortless communication above everything. Will they deliver? How will it work for your company?

Topics discussed in this interview:

Ron’s background in construction

  • Construction’s public perception
  • Taking an active role in redefining communication
  • Developing a central platform for contractor-customer interaction
  • Designing an accessible app for all
  • The story behind the name
  • Who is Nuttnest for?
  • How far along is Nuttnest?

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