Robert August – Upcoming Construction Trends

January 25, 2022

Change is the one constant in the construction industry. No matter how hard people, companies, and procedures resist change, consumers demand novelty. They want the new, the colorful, the innovative. These desires shape trends, only further influenced by a multitude of external factors. For example, health is a pressing concern, and technology continues to make leaps and bounds. As these intersect, new solutions arise, elevating our everyday lives.

Our guest Robert August has decades of experience in real estate, marketing, and business development, responsible for over $25 billion in commercial, residential, and institutional real estate. Robert started his own realty company and a national business development and marketing company in 1983, then replaced them with North Star Synergies in 2011. He now serves on the National Association of Home Builders board, representing the construction industry’s best interests.

Visit North Star Synergies, email Robert at, or give him a call at 303-500-3400.

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