Safety: An Invaluable Asset with Gavin Coyle

May 31, 2023

“I just want everybody to embrace health and safety as a tool of your business that’s going to make you money. And it’s actually going to improve the quality and the standard of your work and that, you know, you will attract really good people to your business if you have a reputation for safety.” 

Gavin Coyle, CEO of the Coyle Group

For many of us, health and safety bring to mind bureaucracy and process, a long list of rules to follow, procedures to implement, and equipment to buy and maintain. Yet, we know that safety is integral to business; it keeps our workers protected from harm and our job sites from being a hazard to all involved.

Gavin Coyle sees greater depth in workplace safety; he believes focusing on it can increase profitability, marketability, and reliability for any size company. With a consulting group that creates safety plans for contractors of all sizes, Gavin captured these ideas in his book, Workplace Safety On a Budget: How to stop and prevent accidents and injuries without sacrificing the bottom line.

Listen in as Gavin explains how a safe workplace can transform your business and be cost-effective and sustainable.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • ChatGPT/Google Bard
  • Gavin’s target market, his wheelhouse
  • His inspiration to enter health and safety
  • Defining accidents that cemented Gavin’s career choice
  • Adjusting to regulations based on location
  • Elevating safety choices regardless of standard
  • Implementing a safety plan early is necessary
  • How do attitudes differ on safety from country to country?
  • Better safety leads to more profit
  • Serving contractors of all sizes
  • Building in company-wide accountability
  • Safety as a marketable quality
  • Rapid fire questions

Network with Gavin on LinkedIn, check out his book Workplace Safety On A Budget: How to stop and prevent accidents and injuries without sacrificing the bottom line and visit his site,

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