Slaying the Contractual Dragon with Cian Brennan

May 23, 2023

“I hated watching a lot of these smaller companies losing money, going out of business unnecessarily time and time again. They just didn’t understand how to do the contractual part of the construction game properly. You can absolutely deliver a really, really good job, do a great, fantastic piece of work for your clients, and still come out at a loss because you didn’t manage it contractually properly.”

Cian Brennan, Managing Director at Quantum Contract Solutions

When many contractors start their companies, they come from a place of experience. They’ve built up a business from long hours on the site and a good understanding of what it takes to deliver a successful project to their clients. What they often aren’t comfortable with is deciphering the contracts that come along with those jobs.

This inflection point is where Cian Brennan and Quantum Contract Solutions step in to provide clarity and confidence in the contractual process. Cian started out working in construction himself and was inspired to be the help so many people need. Quantum offers contract reviews to subcontractors and contractors on all kinds of projects.

Listen as Cian shares wisdom on the pitfalls and potential that contracts offer to contractors everywhere.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Cian’s inspiration to start helping smaller contractors avoid disastrous contracts
  • Bringing peace of mind to the contract process
  • Empowering contractors to protect themselves and their businesses
  • A worst-case contract scenario
  • The importance of a tight contract in the last quarter of a project
  • Offering flexible services to fit contractor’s needs
  • Two common traits of successful construction companies
  • Excelling in your specialty
  • Why does Cian feel led to help?
  • Three things to negotiate in your contract
  • Rapid fire questions

If you or someone you know runs a contracting business, check out Construction Secrets on YouTube for invaluable tips on navigating the ups and downs of contracting. Also, visit Cian’s website for even more free training and information.

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