Smarter Construction Funding with Brad David

June 28, 2023

I’ve borrowed money from private guys, traditional guys, and hard money guys. You know, I’ve never had a loan managed this way. And as a builder, once I get over the fact you’re not just giving me the money and I get to do whatever I want to with it, this is a way to totally change the residential lending industry.”

Brad David, Executive Vice President of Development/Construction at Snap.Build

The rapidly advancing pace of technology affects all areas of our lives, and the construction industry isn’t exempt. Brad David from Snap.Build joins us for an inside look into the future of residential construction lending, now powered by technology.

Building techniques continue to change, so why shouldn’t lending too? By making every penny accountable to builders and lenders, this new system ensures trust and efficiency on a bigger scale. Snap.Build enables homebuilders to take their operations to the next level, a partner and guide on the way to growing their business.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • – The origins of Snap.Build
  • – How do you get capital from Snap.Build?
  • – Are there any new requirements to be eligible?
  • – How can easier access to funds alleviate the affordable housing crisis?
  • – Financial vs. technical, which makes Snap.Build tick?
  • – Who’s behind the money?
  • – Examples of Snap.Build in action
  • – The process of finding new builders to use Snap.Build
  • – What’s the onboarding like?
  • – What does the future hold?
  • – Rapid fire questions

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