Systematic Selling with Intention with Jim Pancero

May 16, 2023

“Selling is not an art. It is a structured science. Now, when it’s done right, it looks artful, but it’s not like this free form, like taking a blank canvas and painting a new picture for each customer. We can’t afford that inefficiency today. We need to have structures and processes to make us both more efficient and more effective in getting it done.”

- Jim Pancero, Sales Speaker and Thought Leader

When you hear the word ‘system,’ several thoughts might start racing through your head. Visions of stuffy offices, dusty bureaucracies, and paperwork might crop up first. Or maybe, it’s a lofty idea, all talk and no substance.

Jim Pancero, a sales trainer of 40 years, leverages systems to transform his client’s businesses en masse. He employs a practical, understandable method to empower salespeople through dedicated practice and a careful understanding of people.

Listen in as Jim shares key insights on sales, salespeople, and sales management.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Jim’s early interest in sales
  • His time as a leading salesperson at IBM
  • Transitioning to an independent sales training career
  • What holds salespeople back?
  • The four skills every salesperson needs to succeed
  • The three positions that make up every company
  • Placing people in the correct position
  • Personality tests and salespeople
  • Sales presentations and software
  • COVID’s impact on sales at large
  • The importance of practice
  • Rapid fire questions

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