Technology Propels the Future of Construction with Aarni Heiskanen

October 5, 2022

Despite construction’s reputation for being stuck in its ways, innovation and technology continue to play an important role in advancing the industry.

In this episode we hear from Finland’s Aarni Heiskanen, a Construction Innovation Agent, podcaster, and blogger for AEC Business. After his start as an architect, Aarni helped bring CAD to Finland in the ‘90s. Ever since then, he’s been an advocate for technology in construction, either through consulting or his podcast.

In this interview, Aarni shares the state of the construction industry in Finland, his visions of the future, the possible applications of AI in construction, how to reach the younger generation of the workforce, and information on the upcoming World of Digital Build Environment Summit.

Reach out to Aarni on LinkedIn, listen to episodes of the AEC Business Podcast, and check out WDBE talks with Aarni.

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