The Last House Standing with George Siegal

February 15, 2023

“There’s always something, a peril in your area. And are you willing to do something to help you survive it? You should always say, what does it take? I’m going to be around when it’s over. –George Siegal, Documentary Filmmaker at Move the World Films and host of the Tell Us How to Make It Better podcast.

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, filmmaker George Siegal was creating his second film, The Last House Standing. Driven by bad experiences with builders and building codes desperately needing an update, the storm’s aftermath was a stark call to action.

Especially after Hurricane Ian, the film’s message rings true for homeowners. No matter where you live, George believes that “everybody could do something better to improve their house,” no matter if you deal with snow, tropical storms, wildfires, or earthquakes. Until building codes and builders put more time and care into homes, homeowners should do what they can.

Listen along as George gives us insight into his award-winning documentary, the fight to build better homes, and the lessons he learned interviewing victims of major disasters.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • George’s start in broadcasting
  • His motivation in making The Last House Standing
  • The story behind the Sand Palace
  • Building to code in hurricane-prone areas
  • Choosing the best build possible
  • The human costs of disruption after a storm
  • George’s personal experience with builders
  • Spreading awareness of the film’s message
  • The aftermath of Hurricane Michael
  • Updating codes for future storms
  • The value of experience and skill

Media mentioned: The Parent Test on ABC

Watch The Last House Standing on their site or through Tubi TV. Also, catch episodes of George’s podcast, Tell Us How to Make It Better.

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