The Next Generation of Wood Flooring with Britta Teller

February 8, 2023

When we thought through the reality of what that looked like and how strongly we felt about the environment and doing things locally and helping our local supply chains and supporting regional forestry, we knew that we couldn’t accomplish what we felt so strongly in our hearts to be the right thing while also not doing it ourselves.” –Britta Teller, Co-founder and CSO of Steller Floors.

Like many successful businesses, Steller Floors started from an innovative idea. With sustainability at the core, their flooring design would facilitate a circular economy of repair, replacement, and resale. Listen along as we interview co-founder Britta Teller on her journey from college professor to entrepreneur and the lessons she’s learned on the way.

Britta dives into the values that started the company and the methods they’ve employed to keep those values front and center. By shouldering the responsibility to bring their product to market, Steller Floors decided to aim at changing the flooring market forever.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Transitioning from academia to manufacturing
  • Running with an innovation
  • Business development support
  • Sustainability and wood products
  • Choosing the best trees and forests
  • Maintaining love for the products as you scale up
  • Joining the circular economy with wood flooring
  • Enabling repair and replacement of individual planks
  • The benefits of a Steller floor
  • When starting a business, don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions
  • Keeping community in focus
  • Rapid-fire questions

Visit the Steller Floors website, or find them on Instagram and YouTube.

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