The Power of Relationships in Construction with Craig Webb

December 14, 2022

You need those relationships. You need Joe at the lumberyard to help you because you were either bad at ordering or you forgot to order things. And meanwhile, Joe at the lumberyard needs Hank at the manufacturing site. Relationships are absolutely vital.” Craig Webb, Webb Analytics

Like so many other facets of life, construction works best when we invest in our relationships. As materials form a building, from manufacturer to distributor, to dealer, contractor, and homeowner, a good working relationship elevates all parties.

Analyst Craig Webb spent most of his working life in journalism, but as a convert to construction, he quickly realized that relationships are fundamental to success. As technology and innovation realize new processes, opportunities, and ideas, a handshake and practical knowledge are eternally relevant.

The past few years were a crucible for change, uprooting traditional views on work, availability, services, and production. But, as we hurtle towards the future, grounded, reliable people with expert opinions will always be valuable.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Craig’s background and transition to construction
  • His business model explained
  • Repercussions from the last few years of rapid change
  • Continuing change in construction
  • Greater access through technology
  • Why relationships still matter
  • Why does construction struggle to find workers?
  • Applying offsite construction
  • Rapid-fire questions

Visit Craig’s site,, or reach out on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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