Trailblazing the Healthy Home with Caroline Blazovsky

March 1, 2023

“There wasn’t this residential understanding of our home environments and indoor air quality and environmental aspects regarding residential homes. Nobody even thought about it. So I started on that path and gathered all the information and education I could learn from every indoor air quality class I could take or every certification of public health.” -Caroline Blazovsky, America’s Healthy Home Expert®, and CEO of My Healthy Home®.

With the pandemic’s effects lingering around the globe, we’re all familiar with air quality concerns, safety precautions, and the effects our environment can have on health. Just a few decades ago, our awareness was severely lacking, especially in the role our homes play.

Today’s guest, expert Caroline Blazovsky, pioneered the ‘healthy home’ idea, lofting her understanding of air quality, contaminants, defective building products, and health concerns into the public eye. Since then, the construction industry and homeowners alike have made great strides in acknowledging current problems and improving products for healthier homes.

Listen along as Caroline shares stories from her thousands of home inspections, diagnosing conditions, and helping homeowners take control of their healthy homes.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Caroline’s career path to date
  • Trailblazing the healthy home concept
  • What does a healthy home expert do?
  • Standout stories from 30,000 home inspections
  • Our actions affect our environment more than we know
  • Test your home yourself
  • Should you get your ducts cleaned?
  • Chemical sensitivity and homebuilding
  • Dealing with problems in Caroline’s own home
  • Do we need a governing body for construction products?
  • Building healthy to ensure sustainability
  • Rapid-fire questions

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