Training for a Successful Career in Sales with Marvin Montgomery

May 17, 2022

Sales aren’t a goal to achieve but a skill to train and improve. Just like any sport, careful practice and preparation improve your chances for success. However, in sales, success is solving a customer’s problem with a custom solution perfectly tailored for their needs. Success is not the money you make or the record number of sales you achieve. The best way to provide this custom solution is by asking questions and listening to customers’ stories and experiences. An effective salesperson is a good listener first.

Our guest Marvin Montgomery has been a lifelong salesman ever since his time as a Junior Achievement member. His first job as Sales Training director for a national jewelry retailer prepared him for a career on his own. Now, with 30 years of experience as a motivational speaker, author, and sales trainer, he helps people across the country “Get Marvinized.” His novel approach to sales has positively impacted hundreds of businesses, emphasizing the value of practice and preparation for more effective sales efforts. These lessons and more are discussed in his two books, Preparation and Practice: The Professional’s Guide to Sales Success and Training Wheels.

To reach Marvin directly, email him at, visit his website, or call him at 216-509-0281.

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