Transforming Sales with AI with Sebastian Jimenez

July 5, 2023

“There are 10 billion face-to-face conversations in a commercial capacity between consumers and sales and service marketing people every single month. And I said, what if we could take all those conversations and make the offline world, the commercial world, as searchable and easy to analyze and understand as Google did for the Web?”

Sebastian Jimenez, Founder of Rillavoice

Sales is a simple profession on the surface; a salesperson touts a product’s or solution’s features and benefits to a customer. The sales conversation does much of the heavy lifting, explaining the competitive advantage, company story, and list of benefits in detail. Training people to perform this successfully takes extensive time and effort, a limiting factor for growth.

However, Sebastian Jimenez felt that AI’s growing capability could speed this process up by harnessing thousands and even millions of sales conversations. Now, sales trainers can gain insight from the most successful salespeople across the country and share it with their own people.

Listen in as Sebastian details the origin of Rillavoice, the power of AI for sales, and even his prediction for the next step for sales technology.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • – Sebastian’s start
  • – Taking advantage of under-utilized data
  • – Using AI to improve sales conversations
  • – Putting sales managers courtside
  • – How does Rillavoice work?
  • – How do different audiences react to it?
  • – AI understanding for sales insights
  • – Company culture above everything
  • – The biggest disruption in coming years
  • – Home improvement is the technology frontier
  • – Rapid fire questions

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