Upcoming Trends in AEC with Gregory Hart

April 19, 2023

“Private equity and tech are two things you got to watch in this space because they will upend it potentially over the next even, I mean, I know five years doesn’t sound like a long time, but I think a lot’s going to happen in the next five years.” Gregory Hart, President of PSMJ Resources

Listen in as Gregory Hart, president of Boston-based PSMJ Resources, shares his expertise in the dynamic fields of architecture, engineering, and construction. If you work in anything AEC, you’ve undoubtedly experienced several of the current innovations that seem destined to change things forever.

With AI creeping into popular culture with ChatGPT and image generation, who knows what it can do for AEC careers and productivity? And with so many firms shifting around, what does that spell for the industries at large? Will the skilled labor shortage continue to plague us?

Gregory taps into his experience as a service provider for all things AEC in this episode tailored to answering these questions and more.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • The upcoming Metal Roofing Summit
  • Peeps: A game-changing product if you wear glasses. Learn more at CarbonKlean
  • An overview of PSMJ and their offerings
  • PSMJ and Industry Conferences
  • What drew Gregory to PSMJ, and what makes them unique?
  • Keeping corporations personal as they grow
  • The merger and acquisition boom
  • Recruiting trouble
  • Infrastructure is the next great opportunity
  • Shared characteristics of the best AEC firms
  • The advent of AI and the consequences for AEC
  • Advice for up-and-coming professionals
  • Rapid fire questions

For more information about PSMJ Resources, follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook. To contact Gregory directly, email him at ghart@psmj.com.

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