Wolf Richter – Making Sense of Economic Madness

December 21, 2021

2021 has been a difficult year, to say the least. Faced with chip shortages, a global pandemic, container ships stuck at port, and record inflation, many businesses closed their doors or seized the opportunity for growth. As we continue our lives, things are ripe for change. We may work from home, interacting with coworkers via webcam and Slack. Office buildings may become irrelevant, and many malls already have. What does the future look like for these once-flourishing buildings? As e-commerce continues to overtake physical sales, warehouses and delivery services become crucial. Housing is a pain point for many people, with prices through the roof and availability at a critical low. It seems that the only constant in today’s economy is change.

Our guest Wolf Richter runs the financial website wolfstreet.com, covering “the stories behind business, finance, and money” since 2011. Spurred by the financial crisis of 2008, Wolf converted his ramblings into a website, hoping to spark discussion on the financial world at the time. Now, with an active community on his site, Wolf keeps it updated with daily articles and reports on all the relevant financial news. You can sign up for his newsletter for the latest information or visit his archive for topics he wrote on in the past.

Visit Wolf’s website at wolfstreet.com and check out his contact page to get in touch.

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