SBA Spark Award

A Spark of Hope for Small Business and Manufacturing

We understand that these can be trying times for small business owners and manufacturers. Not only surviving, but thriving in today’s economy takes hard work, a commitment to honoring honest business practices, and perseverance. When Todd Miller and Kelly Joseph developed a friendship in college, they had no idea what was ahead; only that they wanted to build a good, small business.

Receiving the SBA’s first Spark Award re-ignites our commitment to manufacturing and the development of our own and other sustainable small businesses.

The Spark Award affirms 3 of the critical principles for staying in business and contributing to the economy our company is committed to:

Economic Development
We ensure that our products carry positive economic impact wherever they go.  The power of a mid-sized manufacturer is both the downstream and upstream economic impact of the products we manufacture. Accounting for the number of individuals who are employed primarily because of our products, whether to produce them, install them, transport them, or manufacture raw materials for them, the number is well over 1000 individuals. Those individuals are then the wage earners for their families, so their families are impacted as well. The economic impact of just one manufacturer located in Piqua, Ohio reaches across North America and even beyond.

The number of lives that can be impacted by small business is huge.

Todd Miller

From the beginning, we committed our work to build a business that matters, through care for others, sustainability, product recognition, and technological advancement. But a business that has a servant’s heart cares about much more than its own well-being. Isaiah Industries’ team members can be seen playing lead roles in their communities and families. Whether it’s a leadership role in their church or their child’s athletic team or school, or even helping us staff a local food pantry each Monday morning or leading the local weekend “food backpack” initiative, our team members care about those around them and work selflessly to support and encourage others.

Across all areas of business, it must be about relationships and bringing value to those we work with.

Kelly Joseph

Environmental Consciousness

Based in a dedication to stewardship of the world God created and to future generations, our primary raw material has 95% recycled content. Additionally, our products are designed to reduce home energy costs by up to 20% or more while providing the perfect base for solar array installations. Throughout our organization, we are careful with our waste stream and do all we can to protect the environment God has given us, passing it lovingly on to future generations.”

Commitment to Sustainability

Note that our recognition from the Small Business Administration is based, in part, on the fact that we’ve cycled through 3 SBA loans over the past 40 years. That’s a long time, and we hope this will encourage other small business owners and manufacturers to keep growing and to keep investing in our small towns, cities, counties, states, and nation.

Small business can be a powerful agent of employment, economic development for the middle class, and positive change for all.

Positive Economic Impact Through Small Business and Manufacturing

Isaiah Industries specializes in roofing solutions. Those solutions are delivered through architects, homeowners’ associations, architectural review boards, general contractors, and roofing professionals across the United States, Canada, and beyond.

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