The Isaiah Industries Journal

A Partnership for Sustainability: Solar Shingles

April 25, 2024


In partnership with CertainTeed, Isaiah Industries provides a beautiful and efficient solar shingle solution. This partnership gives customers a unique opportunity to integrate solar collection directly into their roof system. The CertainTeed Solstice® Shingle allows homeowners to generate solar energy for their household needs, offsetting energy bills and, in some cases, selling power back to… ( read more )

Roofing Trends: Colors, Materials, and Styles for 2021

November 27, 2020

Choosing the right roof for a home can be difficult. You need to consider beauty, energy efficiency, longevity, and fire safety to find the best option. The wrong roof can cause rot and mold in a home, damaging belongings. The right roof will bring comfort, peace of mind, and protection to homeowners along with beauty… ( read more )

The Financial Impact of Metal Roofing: Labor Shortages and Sustainability

February 7, 2019

Roofer silhouette

This article from Todd Miller, President, Isaiah Industries, explains how to make sustainable home improvements with wise financial decisions. Here at Isaiah Industries, we hear from contractors every day that “…finding skilled labor to do quality installation work is very hard these days…”. It is a very serious situation, and we do not see any… ( read more )

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