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Bob Zabcik: Safer Buildings Save Lives

Can safer buildings save lives? Bob Zabcik says “yes”! Building safety is increasingly in the news. Supply shortages risk poor-quality substitutions threatening building integrity and occupants’ safety. Examples of poor design and failure are often tragic, whether it’s a crumbling older building or major mistakes on a newer one. Our guest is Bob Zabcik of… ( read more )

jordan clark

Dr. Jordan Clark – Science Leads to Smarter Building Codes

Disruptive ideas can come to the construction industry from many angles. Sometimes someone just “dreams up” a great new idea and sometimes those ideas come from years of observing and analyzing things as they are. In other cases, though, those ideas come from leading researchers in the building sciences arena. These disruptions can also often… ( read more )

mark mitchell

Mark Mitchell – How-To Market Building Materials

While the construction industry is stuck in its ways, the speed of change is ramping up. Disruptors, new faces, and investment dollars bring ideas, products, and technology, driven by a desire to meet contractors’ needs. Keep your notepad handy and apply these concepts to your business. Our guest is Mark Mitchell of Whizard Strategy, an… ( read more )

paula parker

Paula Parker – Passion and Vision: A New Mindset

Change is necessary for the future of construction. Great ideas crop up every day, but how do we put them into practice? In this episode, we unlock our minds and the minds of those around us, allowing us to be leaders in a bold vision of the future. Our guest is Paula Parker, an avid… ( read more )

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Welcome to the Construction Disruption Podcast

Construction constantly evolves with new technologies, design trends, and best practices. Join us weekly for inspirational conversations with forward thinkers at the forefront of this $1.6 trillion industry. Todd Miller, President of Isaiah Industries, introduces a new podcast focused on discovering and inspiring the construction industry’s future. Todd explains his goals for Construction Disruption and… ( read more )