Case Studies

metal roof remodel Isaiah Industries

Colossal and Complex: A Roof Remodel for the Ages

Jason, an Ohio homeowner, needed a new roof remodel for his large, complex house. After lots of research, he found that metal roofing was the best option for its energy efficiency, durability, and flexible design. He then discovered Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Kentuckiana.

Texas ranch with metal roofing

Dream Home Realized: a Ranch, a House, and a Metal Roof

Robert, a Texas homeowner, recently moved his 113-year-old Victorian home fifteen miles from its original spot. After the move, he needed a new roof to match his home’s unique style with long life, protection from hail and fire, and high heat reflectivity to combat the Texas summer.

Shadelands California Ranch

New Metal Roof Protects a Historical California Ranch

The historical Shadelands Ranch in Walnut Creek, California, outlived its 30-year-old redwood shake. The Walnut Creek Historical Society wanted a new energy-efficient, durable roof made from recycled materials, fire-resistant, and matching with the existing style.

Tempe AZ metal roof

Homeowner Finds Energy Savings With Metal Shingles in Tempe AZ

David, a homeowner in Tempe, Arizona, needed to replace his aging wood shake roof. It was falling apart, and he wanted to replace it with a more durable solution. After researching his options, he chose metal shingles for longevity, energy-efficiency, and appearance.

metal roofing on a church

A Classic Update to a Mid-century Modern Beauty

A California church, working with a great contractor, added to the beauty of their 1960s mid-century modern church. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how replacing their old wooden shake with our metal shingles retains the style of the building while providing an environmentally friendly roofing solution…

Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society

Protecting 19th Century History With 21st Century Innovation in Santa Clarita CA

Photos help tell the story of a CA Contractor and a historic restoration. Maintaining the look, style, and exact color match of the existing roofs while providing the structure and durability of metal roofing improved the historical buildings in Heritage Junction, an assortment of historic buildings from across California…