David Supple

Rediscovering the Architect as a Builder with David Supple

David Supple is the president and CEO of New England Design and Construction in Boston. After earning his degree in architecture, David felt unprepared. His lack of practical experience and construction knowledge left him insecure in his ability to provide the buildings that his customers deserved. David did some soul-searching and spent time researching the… ( read more )

Benson Agbortogo

How to Increase Profits While Working Less with Benson Agbortogo

Benson Agbortogo is the Founder and CEO of Consistent Profit Tree, where he helps service companies eliminate distractions and increase profits, all while working fewer hours. Hailing from West Africa, Benson has found his calling by combining his passion for helping businesses grow with the Biblical principles rooted deeply in his faith. The Consistent Profit… ( read more )

Tiffany Solomon

How an Interior Design Expert Balances Needs and Wants with Tiffany Solomon

Tiffany Solomon is the owner of Tiffany Solomon Designs in Boca Raton, Florida. As a long-time interior designer, she specializes in new construction and renovations. After a few years of working for a design firm, Tiffany started her own business, eager to share her style with the world. Now she focuses on striking the right… ( read more )

Randy Brothers

Empower Your People for a Resilient Business with Randy Brothers

Randy Brothers is the founder of Elite Roofing in Denver, CO, and Head Coach at The Roofing Academy. After a short stint as a contractor himself, he quickly learned that he excelled at managing a business instead. So after starting Elite Roofing in stormy Colorado, he built the company to grow without relying on business… ( read more )

Marvin Montgomery

Training for a Successful Career in Sales with Marvin Montgomery

Sales aren’t a goal to achieve but a skill to train and improve. Just like any sport, careful practice and preparation improve your chances for success. However, in sales, success is solving a customer’s problem with a custom solution perfectly tailored for their needs. Success is not the money you make or the record number… ( read more )

John Fox

Smart Lighting for a Healthier Future with John Fox

Our guest John Fox is a lighting industry veteran with 30 years of experience and two companies in the space, Fox and Fox Design and Ascenti Lighting. Working on residential and commercial products, John and his team have created many unique and challenging lighting solutions for an impressive array of customers. As technology has improved,… ( read more )