Jackie Mosher

Approachable Design for Homeowners with Jackie Mosher

“Someone’s home is their comfort zone, and it also provides them the ability to express themselves, their taste, their style. And a majority of people don’t know where to access or to get [design services] done, right? And the thought of contacting an architect or a builder can seem a little intimidating.”– Jackie Mosher, Partner and… ( read more )

Brian Iverson

Innovating for Good with Brian Iverson

“As we get older, you have a choice. You can either share it or keep it. Well, I’m choosing to share it. My business plan is to support you at creating and helping you meet your sustainability message.”-Brian Iverson, CEO of Innovated Structures, Inc. When an innovation hits the market, the landscape shifts. New companies… ( read more )

Rico León

Improving the Construction Experience for All with Rico León

“If we could change homeowner’s mindsets on how to be with contractors and contractors how to be with homeowners, everything would move smoothly. Especially if I could educate homeowners and contractors to improve their processes, that’s the big impact I would like.” -Rico León, Host of HGTV’s Rico to the Rescue. While every contractor deals… ( read more )

Park Kersman

Anodized Aluminum 101 with Park Kersman

“Anodizing is both a science and an art. And what we’re doing with the anodizing process is we’re building a translucent oxide layer to a much, much thicker level, which protects the aluminum; it stops the oxidation process.” -Park Kersman, President of Lorin Industries. Most of us have heard of anodized aluminum, maybe with aircraft… ( read more )

Caroline Blazovsky

Trailblazing the Healthy Home with Caroline Blazovsky

“There wasn’t this residential understanding of our home environments and indoor air quality and environmental aspects regarding residential homes. Nobody even thought about it. So I started on that path and gathered all the information and education I could learn from every indoor air quality class I could take or every certification of public health.” -Caroline… ( read more )

Rolf Snobeck

Ethical Construction Sales with Rolf Snobeck

When you’re in a sales situation, the prospect knows you’re a salesman and they’re afraid of you. Because the perception is that salesmen always want to close the sale. But there’s no mutual mystification. Everybody has to understand what’s going through the mind of the other person. I tell people it’s okay for them to… ( read more )