John Delia Jr.

Solving the Housing Shortage with Respect with John Delia Jr.

“People are just looking for dignity, respect, and quality housing. So, when you put that quality product on the market, we have more than enough qualified tenants who move in.” John Delia Jr, Green Monkey Builders and Housing Joint Venture Housing, specifically affordable housing, is a pressing concern for people worldwide. A house is more than… ( read more )

Andrew Olsen

Reach your Customers through Emotion with Andrew Olsen

I decided early on that I wanted not just to have a job, but I wanted to have something a lot bigger than that. I wanted to have impact. I’ve learned that in 100 out of 100 instances, it’s always an emotional story that connects to that person’s heart that drives them to want to… ( read more )

Craig Webb

The Power of Relationships in Construction with Craig Webb

You need those relationships. You need Joe at the lumberyard to help you because you were either bad at ordering or you forgot to order things. And meanwhile, Joe at the lumberyard needs Hank at the manufacturing site. Relationships are absolutely vital.” Craig Webb, Webb Analytics Like so many other facets of life, construction works best… ( read more )

Steven Haylestrom

Modular Construction and Affordable Housing with Steven Haylestrom

“There’s no doubt in my mind, no doubt whatsoever, that a modular project is going to have a higher degree of quality than a conventional project. Modular allows even a small manufacturing facility to produce, you know, 100 homes in a year.”- Steven Haylestrom, The Modular Solution/Rise Up Modular Construction is an ancient profession with deep roots… ( read more )

Connor Dillon

Accountable Building Performance with Connor Dillon

“You can see a project from start to finish, and you have confidence that the house or multifamily unit was built according to the standards and specifications that the builder promised they would deliver. Our customers provide feedback, and we don’t edit it. We put it into our report, and then we publish it publicly.”- Connor… ( read more )

Maria Khokhlova

Mapping Out the Future with Maria Khokhlova

“There is a lot we can offer people if it would be easy enough, intuitive enough, integrated enough into their daily workflows. With this in mind, we built our product to be minimal in tech-savviness yet powerful.” –    Maria Khokhlova, TraceAir Often, the best innovations are right in front of us. For Maria and the TraceAir… ( read more )