George Smart

George Smart – Perserving Modernist Architecture

Modernist architecture snuck into the public view with homes, commercial buildings, and museums, the most famous of all being Fallingwater. Although many people may struggle to identify examples of Modernism in their area, many know Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, the Louvre, and the Guggenheim. We owe several of today’s residential conventions to Modernist thought,… ( read more )

Kevin McKenzie – A.I. and the Future of Home Improvement Marketing

Traditional marketing praises door-to-door sales, traditional advertising channels like radio and flyers, and a high quantity of leads. Modern marketing leverages social media, search engines, and customer data to find the best leads, advertise at the right time, and tailor copy for any audience. The real hero of modern marketing is data collected from user… ( read more )

jeff echols

Jeff Echols – Find Your Ideal Client

Businesses are complex organisms run by busy people. They evolve or stagnate based on the economic climate, the owner, the employees, the clients, the work they produce, and many other factors. It’s easy for business to become routine without questioning your methods, marketing, and clients. Do you take every job offered, or do you select… ( read more )

matt thornhill

Matt Thornhill – Building Community Focused Housing

As the American population ages, creating housing to satisfy their needs is a growing issue. With a predicted increase of 8-10 million Baby Boomers moving into senior-supported living in the next decade, demand is about to skyrocket. Faced with this dilemma, we need a creative solution. The current housing market, the high price of care,… ( read more )

wolf richter

Wolf Richter – Making Sense of Economic Madness

2021 has been a difficult year, to say the least. Faced with chip shortages, a global pandemic, container ships stuck at port, and record inflation, many businesses closed their doors or seized the opportunity for growth. As we continue our lives, things are ripe for change. We may work from home, interacting with coworkers via… ( read more )

ed macnab

Ed Macnab – Printing Your Next Home

A lack of affordable and attainable housing affects people worldwide and the situation has escalated in North America. As the housing market has spiraled out of the hands of the people, companies are exploring alternative solutions. Additive manufacturing, specifically 3D printing, creates an object by adding layers of material via machine. Typically used for small… ( read more )